Alfasigma Healthscience


the company

Alfasigma HealthScience BV, subsidiary of Alfasigma SpA

  • Global leader in human cellular metabolism and understanding its role in maintaining health

  • Applies a unique, research based approach to nutraceutical product development

  • Products manufactured to GMP standards

  • All ingredients are safe and scientifically proven

  • Proven history of commercial success in the nutritional supplement market

Pharmaceutical Company

Alfasigma is a  leading Italian pharmaceutical company, focused on prescription drugs, self-medication and nutraceutical products. Established in 2015, after the merge of Alfa Wassermann and Sigma-Tau,  it is present with wholly  owned  subsidaries  and distributors in more  than  80 countries.  

Alfasigma’s strategy is based on three guidelines which, over the years, have assured the group a constant and balanced growth: Research, Technology and Internationalization. Implementing research and technology to constantly improve its products, opening up new frontiers, extending to new markets.

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Alfasigma  is commited  to create lasting and shared values for all our stakeholders:

  • Our Patients: improving health and quality of life and finding solutions to treat a population which is becoming increasingly elderly, thanks precisely to scientific progress;
  • Our People: striving to create wealth, nurturing ideas and projects, and capitalizing on the enthusiasm of its employees;
  • Our Communities: endeavouring to provide security, working sustainably with a long term perspective, and providing far-reaching solutions for healthcare needs;
  • Our future generations: providing innovation and responding to the needs of a changing society.

Alfasigma strives to be a strong, healthy company in a strong, healthy world.

Our approach


The Metabolic Approach™, the targeted administration of micronutrients aimed at correcting or supporting metabolic processes  is the basis for the development for  all our products.


Placing oneself in front of a mirror means watching metabolism itself: our body, its movements, its reactions to the environment “are” our metabolism.
If any of the metabolic processes in our body changes or does not work properly our body might not be able to react properly to disease, ageing and to all the adversities that are part of everyday life.
Micronutrients are the fuel to our metabolism and different metabolic processes need different micronutrients.
The metabolic process may change if these micronutrients are no longer at an optimal level.
A shortage of nutrients may be caused by any of the following factors:

  • Lack of a particular nutrient caused by unhealthy  diet
  • Aging – as we grow older, metabolism becomes less efficient and we find it harder to absorb the micronutrients we need
  • Illness – oxidative stress caused by the body’s reaction to illness may bring about a increased need  of certain  nutrients
  • Increased energy requirements


The metabolic approach is the targeted administration of micronutrients aimed at supporting or correcting the metabolic changes occurring in disease and aging and related to the suboptimal nutritional status of selected nutrients, in order to improve the quality of life.

Our products


  • They target specific body functions
  • They provide metabolic support normal  cellular function metabolic processes 
  • They are manufactured using high quality ingredients with strong scientific data 
  • They are all produced in GMP compliant manufacturing sites, to guarantee high quality